March 2013

Queensland’s Home Maintenance Checklist…

Designed by Queenslanders, for Queenslanders!

Maintaining your home or property on a regular basis is much wiser than simply waiting for things to start deteriorating, rotting or breaking. We are all pressed for time, so it is understandable why we let things get away from us in the home maintenance department.

This month we wanted to give you something practical that you could use to help you maintain your home regularly. There are definitely certain jobs around the home that are best left to a professional, like any electrical or roofing work. There are appliances and systems (like dishwashers, air conditioners and water tanks) that will also require the services of a qualified tradesperson. Having said that, there are still little things you can do on a regular basis to help maintain these appliances and systems in between major services or check-ups. This will ultimately save you time, money and stress, so taking the next five minutes to read this checklist and add the items to your calendar will end up being worth your while!

The internet is full of home maintenance checklists and schedules you can follow, so how is ours any different? Well, Brisbane Maintenance Experts are a Brisbane-based company who understand what people who live in Queensland need. Queenslanders experience unique weather, have unique building regulations and legislation, and have unique home maintenance issues to deal with. Our very own “Queensland’s Home Maintenance Checklist” is based upon our climate and building structures, and is designed to accommodate our home owners’ needs according to our seasons.

Remember that Brisbane Maintenance Experts is here to help you maintain your home every step of the way, but there are a lot of things you can also do to help keep your home looking and feeling like new!

Download: Queensland’s Home Maintenance Checklist