About Brisbane Maintenance Experts

Brisbane Maintenance Experts are a local maintenance company which prides itself on providing fast, high-quality maintenance services at an affordable price. Brisbane Maintenance Experts is owned and operated by Chris Galatola and Anthony Ragonesi, who have over 27 years combined experience as qualified carpenters and builders.

Chris and Anthony made the decision to extend their existing building business into all areas of general home maintenance due to a recognised lack of time-efficient and affordable maintenance options for Brisbane home owners.

We know how important it is to have maintenance jobs completed quickly and within budget, so we have made this a priority at Brisbane Maintenance Experts. Our proven business model allows us to achieve this via a large number of trades from carpenters to painters… so all your maintenance needs are covered!

At Brisbane Maintenance Experts we believe that gaining the trust of our customers is paramount. Too often we hear stories of tradesmen who give unrealistic quotes on jobs such as roofing repairs or plumbing work, where the customer cannot physically see the damage and so does not have an indication of the true extent of the problem. We guarantee to provide you with a reasonable, realistic quote based on the actual work required. We also strive to help our customers understand what the job entails by taking the time to explain the situation and the processes and materials used. We invite you to obtain other quotes so that you are completely satisfied – because after all, your satisfaction is what matters!

With the DIY trend taking the world by storm it is important to always remember that your safety, and the safety of our tradesmen, is our priority. While many small jobs can be done by you at home, there is other maintenance and repair work that should always be carried out by a qualified, experienced tradesman. For example, any electrical work, asbestos removal, termite damage and roofing repairs are just some of the jobs best left to the professionals… so give us a call today and we will ensure that all of your maintenance needs are taken care of in an efficient, professional and safe manner. Brisbane Maintenance Experts are fully insured for public liability and always take safety seriously. All necessary safety rails and equipment are used at all times on our jobs to ensure the safety of you, your property, and our tradesmen.